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last changeWed, 11 Jan 2017 13:34:51 +0000 (05:34 -0800)
2017-01-11  Jay Freeman... Add #include <set> that was semi-missing from hpp. master
2017-01-07  Jay Freeman... Avoid blowing up the stack hashing large binaries.
2016-12-22  Jay Freeman... Provide a simple to use implementation of ldid -e.
2016-10-13  Jay Freeman... Simulated memory map doesn't tolerate limit Align.
2016-09-04  Jay Freeman... If team ID is not specified, don't output its NUL.
2016-09-04  Jay Freeman... Verify we do not overflow annoying 0x3000 padding.
2016-08-27  Jay Freeman... Add guarantee that allocations shouldn't overflow.
2016-08-27  Jay Freeman... Fix requirement allocation (covered by 0x3000 :/).
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Only exclude nested files when bundles are nested.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Support iOS applications that embed WatchKit apps.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Drastic improvements to nested support (and Mac!).
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Chop bool Open() into void Open() and bool Look().
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Add support for signing symbolic links (sort of?).
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... DiskFolder still hasn't been tested #if __WIN32__.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Store SHA256 as hash2 in files2 for CodeDirectory.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Support signing DiskFolders with nested resources.
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